We believe that the only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen, we also understand that big-box gyms and chain franchises aren’t for everyone. At IRON DEN, you become an IronWorker and a member of our Fitness Family. We will start with an assessment of your wants and needs to get a baseline starting point and begin measuring your progress through measurements, pictures, and how you’re feeling overall during the transformation. You can also purchase a written Nutritioin Plan to follow and we will evaluate that as well on a monthly basis.

We offer many types of Personal Training: one-on-one, small group training and youth and athletic training, as well as PowerCamps, Booty-Camps, and large group training events throughout the year.

Our facility includes private bathrooms with showers for our clients, luxurious scented towels to use during your workout and free delivery from Mindful Meals-Priceless Caterings to IRON DEN.